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StopWatch + Camera

4.8 ( 1248 ratings )
Værktøjer Sport
Forfatter: German PARDO
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(Compatible with IOS 9.x)

When taking times you should not settle for just a plain number. Now you can take times and pictures at the same time! From now on, every PR, will have a picture to match it! Each time you hit the split button or volume buttons, the app will record the time and save a picture of the athlete with a convenient banner that includes the time.

This app can be used for sports where a lot of people finish at the same time making it difficult to get the time and the names of the athletes who crossed the finish line. For example in cross country, using StopWatch + Camera, you will be able to get the time and the picture of the athlete!

The banner included in the photo is fully customizable, where besides the time, you can show or hide the name of the event, details about the moment and also the name of the athlete. The pictures are saved in your camera roll and the splits can be sent by email.


-Pictures, including a banner with the time, are saved to an album of the camera roll.
-Lap button records the split and simultaneously takes the picture.
-Like the regular iPhone camera, volume buttons take the picture and record the split as well.
-The stop button, besides to stop the stopwatch, also takes a picture.
-Missed the gun?. Dont worry, you can predefine the start time of the timer.
-The splits can be seen during and after the event.
-The splits and final time can be sent by email.
-Fully customizable banner appears in the pictures showing the time, name of the event, and more details.